• Custom EVO Designs
  • Specialized Customer Designs
  • Build to Print
  • Commercial equivalents to Milspec.

DEFENSE / MILITARY Connector and COTS Equivalents:

    • MIL-DTL-22992 (Class L) The most heavy duty, high current, ruggedconnectors with the highest ampacity ratings from 40 to 200 amp.
      • MS90555- Wall Mount Receptacle
      • MS90556 – Straight Plug
      • MS90557- Cable Connecting Receptacle w/out Coupling Ring
      • MS90558- Wall Mount Plug w/ Coupling Ring
    • MIL-DTL-22992 (QWLD) Heavy duty cylindrical connectors used in harsh environments where ordinary 5015 style connectors cannot sustain.
      • MS17343– Wall Mount Receptacle
      • MS17344– Straight Plug
      • MS17345– Cable Connecting Plug
      • MS17346– Box Mount Receptacle
      • MS17347– Jam Nut Receptacle w/ Rear Threads (Wall Mount)
      • MS17348– Jam Nut Receptacle (Box Mount)
    • MIL-DTL-5015 (solder, crimp)Legacy solder style and current crimp style, cost effective rugged connectors for harsh duty environments.


      • MS3100 – Wall Mount Receptacle
      • MS3101 – Cable Connecting Inline Receptacle
      • MS3102 – Box Mount Receptacle
      • MS3106 – Straight Plug
      • MS3108 – 90 Degree Plug

Crimp Font Release

      • MS3400 -Wall Mount Receptacle
      • MS3401 – Cable Connecting Inline Receptacle
      • MS3402 – Box Mount Receptacle
      • MS3406 – Straight Plug

Crimp Rear Release

      • MS3450 – Wall Mount Receptacle
      • MS3451 – Cable Connecting Inline Receptacle
      • MS3452 – Box Mount Receptacle
      • MS3454 – Jam Nut Receptacle
      • MS3456 – Straight Plug
    • MIL-DTL-D38999 (Series I, II and III) Circular connectors, crimp and solder, high performance, with quick disconnect bayonet coupling for rapid mating and un-mating.

Series I

      • MS27466 – Front Mounted Wall Mount Receptacle
      • MS27656 – Rear Mounted Wall Mount Receptacle
      • MS27467 – Straight Plug
      • MS27496 – Front Mounted Box Mount Receptacle
      • MS27505 – Rear Mounted Box Mount Receptacle
      • MS27468 – Jam Nut Receptacle w/ Rear Accessory Threads

Series II

      • MS27472 – Front Mounted Wall Mount Receptacle
      • MS27497 – Rear Mounted Wall Mount Receptacle
      • MS27473 – Straight Plug
      • MS27484 – Straight Plug w/ Grounding Springs
      • MS27499 – Front Mounted Box Mount Receptacle
      • MS27508 – Rear Mounted Box Mount Receptacle
      • MS27474 – Rear Mounted Jam Nut Receptacle w/ Accessory Threads

Series III

      • D38999/20 – Wall Mount Receptacle
      • D38999/24 – Jam Nut Receptacle
      • D38999/26 – Straight Plug
    • MIL-DTL-26482 (Series I and II) High performance miniature connectors with quick mating, three point bayonet coupling system.  Excellent for high reliability applications in harsh environments.

Series I Solder / Crimp

      • MS3110 / MS3120 –    Wall Mount Receptacle
      • MS3111 / MS3121-     Cable Connecting Inline Receptacle
      • MS3112 / MS3122 –    Box Mount Receptacle
      • MS3114 / MS3124 –    Jam Nut Receptacle
      • MS3116 / MS3126 –    Straight Plug

Series II

      • MS3470 – Wall Mount Receptacle
      • MS3471 – Cable Connecting Inline Receptacle
      • MS3472 – Box Mount Receptacle
      • MS3474 – Jam Nut Receptacle
      • MS3475 – Straight Plug (Shielded)
      • MS3476 – Straight Plug
    • VG Series Reverse Bayonets Power and signal rugged connectors with MIL-DTL-5015 insert layouts, ideally suited for military vehicles, railway, and other rugged transportation applications.
      • VG95234-”A” /             CA3102E-“B”   / GT02 -Box Mount Receptacle
      • VG95234-”D” /             CA3106E-“B”   / GT06 – Straight Plug
      • VG95234-“E” /             CA3108E-“B”   / GT08 -90 Degree Plug
      • VG95234-“F” /             CA3101E-“B”   / GT01 – Cable Connecting Inline Receptacle
      • VG95234-“J” / CA3100E-“B”   / GT00 – Wall Mount Receptacle
    • MIL-DTL-81703 Push Pull Connectors that are designed for quick connect and disconnect with a straight push/pull means of coupling.  Well suited where traditional bayonet or threaded couplings are impractical due to limited space.
      • MS3130 –         Wide Flange Receptacle
      • MS3132 –         Box Mount Receptacle
      • MS3134 –             Jam Nut Receptacle
      • MS3135 –         Dummy Receptacle
      • MS3137 –         Straight Plug
      • MS3138 –             Plug with Lanyard
      • MS3140 / DS00 -Wall Mount Receptacle
      • MS3144 / DS04 -Jam Nut Receptacle
      • MS3147 / DS07 -Straight Plug
    • M85049 and Commercial Backshells and Accessories Military and commercial standard backshell and accessories (dust caps, adapters, crimp rings, etc) for:
      • MIL-DTL-5015
      • D38999, Series I, II, IIIand IV
      • MIL-DTL-22992, C, Jand R
      • MIL-DTL-26482, Series I and II
      • MIL-DTL-83723, Series I, II and III
      • MIL-DTL-28840
      • MIL-DTL-26500
      • ARINC 404 and 600
      • M22520 Tools
      • Pneumatic Crimping Sets
      • All sizes of Locators
      • All sizes of Dies


Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas markets require more rugged connectors, higher bandwidths, and explosion proof capabilities.
Downhole, Geophysics, On and Offshore Drilling, Production, and subsea applications are all standard environments that Oil & Gas Connectors are suited to meet.  This includes, but not limited to:

      • On Shore Drilling: Legacy Starline style connectors
      • Production and Off Shore Drilling: Starline EX style – stainless steel ATEX explosion proof connectors
      • Downhole: GE Tensor, Kintec, MWD (measurement while drilling), and LWD (logging while drilling) compatible style connectors
      • Geophysical and Submerged Applications: High temperature glass hermetic, IP68, and telemetry & data logging style connectors


Solar powered systems have now been in operation for multiple decades and exist in some of the world’s harshest conditions.  Solar connectors need to be able to withstand the harsh conditions that include UV, ozone, oils and chemicals, and extreme temperatures.

      • H4 Connectors – Cost effective, high performance, highest current, and light weight.   With a 52amp rating, the H4 style connectors are currently the highest current rated connectors in the Solar industry.
      • Helios Cable – High performance double insulated PV cable meeting UL and UV requirements, as well as armored solar cable options.
      • Helios Junction Boxes – Hermetically sealed over-molded design with fully potted connection window, as well as customized boxes.
      • Helios Tools – All tools required to properly connect H4 designs.
      • Composite Military Style Connectors – used for OEM and manufacturers with power, signal, RF or fiber optic requirements in harsh environments.


Commonly used connectors in the Wind turbines range from M8 circular connectors to high-performance power connectors. Cable assemblies utilized include: data transfer, power distribution, control and monitoring, fiber optic single-mode, and multimode. Overall, 25% or more of the wind turbine content is made up of fiber optic connectors and cable assemblies.

    • Power, Control, and Signal Connectors – a wide variety of common connecting devices such as HVS Style Plug and Play Modular Connectors, Radsok high power, Vortex GT, Mil-C-5015 styles, 26482 and bayonet styles, among others.
    • IP67 Industrial Ethernet Connectors – One of the most predominant protocols for monitoring and controlling wind power systems.
    • Fiber Connectors – Optical fiber cables are a favored choice for communicating from the wind turbine to the wind farm central controls.
    • Medium Voltage Connectors –T connections or in-line splices are typically used to allow power to be connected to the collector grid.
    • Network Control Center Connectors – Standard CAT5e, CAT6, and CAT6A are the prevailing types used with industrial Ethernet networks.